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Health and safety in the workplace

Construction Vergo, a construction company founded in 1993, is intended to reflect the dynamism of its region’s people. Our experience now goes beyond the regional borders. This is mainly due to our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction, deep respect for our staff and effective management of our workplace health, safety and environmental record, designed to ensure compliance with regulations and improved performance.

In all undertaken projects, our team focuses on health and safety excellence. Therefore, we allocate particular importance to accident prevention and target the ultimate goal of "zero accident and zero incident."

Construction Vergo requires that all its workers and collaborating subcontractors are actively involved in health, safety and environment. When keeping in mind that all accidents can be prevented, the “zero” goal makes sense.

In order to reach this goal, we have established the following objectives:

  • Respect the rules as to save lives in the organization;
  • Meet the requirements of the Law on health, safety and environment and Health, safety and environement Regulations;
  • Apply the construction Safety Code;
  • Respect the actual requirements and achieve the clients’ objectives;
  • Promote and encourage the safety components in all aspects of the projects’ implementation;
  • Provide control programs, training and inspection as to ensure that all activities are consistent with the policies;
  • Encourage early return to work following an injury through temporary assignments.

Every member of the team has responsibility in the implementation of prevention programs, regardless of their position in the company.