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ContractorCheck accreditation

Construction Vergo is proud to be a ContractorCheck accredited enterprise in Canada. 

ContractorCheck is a third party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program that assesses the health and safety management systems of contractors. ContractorCheck is operated by RiskCheck  – one of Canada’s leading Environmental, Health & Safety risk management companies. RiskCheck manages more than 2 500 risk management system throughout Canada in commercial, industrial, retail, residential and institutional establishments.

ContractorCheck gathers evidence to determine if the contractors program in health and security meets legislative requirements and is appropriated for the work they do. The names of the accredited entrepreneurs are saved in the online register which is used by clients to choose entrepreneurs, throughout Canada, who met the health and safety requirements and competencies.

Construction Vergo is proud to answer the requirements of this program as a safe and competent entrepreneur. Whichever your project is: commercial, industrial or institutional construction, you are assured that Construction Vergo answers the requirements and the best practices in health and safety procedure and formation.

You can consult the ContractorCheck online register to see Construction Vergo competencies in health and safety management.