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Health and safety in the workplace

Over the last 25 years, Vergo has been building something very important: a reputation as an employer that treats its staff members with the utmost respect and consideration for their safety and well-being. On every project we undertake, we are committed to upholding only the highest standards in occupational health and safety.

We place particular importance on accident prevention, and work diligently towards creating a "zero accident and zero incident "culture. 


While we commit fully to fostering a safe, healthy workplace, we ask our employees to do the same. We believe it is only with a total team effort that we can make advances and improvements in workplace health and safety. Beginning with the view that all workplace accidents are avoidable, we’ve established the following goals:

  • Respect all regulations to save lives
  • Comply with all requirements contained in the Act respecting occupational health and safety and the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety
  • Apply the Safety Code for the construction industry
  • Meet the expectations and attain the objectives of our clients
  • Promote and encourage the safety component in all aspects of project implementation
  • Provide for control, training and inspection programs to ensure compliance in all our activities
  • Favour a prompt return to work after an injury through temporary assignments
  • Make adherence to the prevention program everyone’s responsibility, no matter what position they occupy.


Vergo is proud to meet all requirements of the ContractorCheck accreditation program .

Managed by RiskCheck, a Canadian leader in risk management for health, safety and the environment, this program conducts assessments of a contractor’s existing policies and procedures to verify they are in compliance with legislated standards and industry best practices. Names of accredited builders are listed in an online database accessible to the public. You may refer to it to review our recognized capabilities in occupational health and safety.