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When it comes to your build, our goal at Vergo is to simplify your life. To do so, we set our sights on delivering not just what is expected of us, but a whole lot more. The extra value we add starts by making the customer experience collaborative, enjoyable and central to the overall construction process.

Let's talk business

Before we get started, we align all the elements for success. We sit. You talk. We listen. We get a clear sense of your goals. We make an effort to understand your business, and the new structure’s intended impact on that business. And, of course, we work to understand where we can bring the greatest added value to the building process.

Maximum agility. Minimum disruption.

The quality of the customer experience truly is the hallmark of a Vergo build. While we adhere to rigorous processes and the highest standards, we keep your broader business operations in mind with the aim of minimizing disruption. The end result is reduced costs and a quicker move to start-up. It’s all part of putting our client’s needs first, which is a big part of the Vergo difference.

The Vergo experience extends to our full range of offerings:


Project management makes all the difference between a successful build and a difficult one. Vergo’s seasoned project managers rely on years of experience and time-tested methods to ensure your project unfolds smoothly from planning to execution to hand over.

The following contract management methods are available:

  • turn-key projects
  • design-building
  • project management
  • construction management
  • stipulated price
  • guaranteed maximum price (GMP)


Financing can sometimes be a hurdle to getting your project off the ground, but it does not have to be. Our financing experts work with reliable, longstanding partners in the financial community and together we will sit down with you and develop a simple solution that fits your financing needs in every way.


There are a wide variety of grants you may qualify for across the entire range of market sectors. Our experienced financial professionals are ready to meet with you and explore this avenue for potential funding, which is subject to constraints and conditions established by the government funding body.


This financing option can prove vital to making sure work on your project continues unabated, which is critical for both the timeline and the ultimate cost. Our team of specialists and longstanding financial partners are available to jointly provide you with an advantageous solution.


Have a project in mind but are unsure of your pro-forma study costs, construction costs, transaction fees, etc.? Don’t let uncertainty delay or derail your building initiative. Our cost analysis specialists will provide you with a concrete assessment that will put your mind at ease and help you in your decision making process.


Major construction initiatives can be daunting, especially when they are a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence for many organizations. Give your building efforts every chance of success by using preliminary plans to help you make solid, fact-based pre-build decisions. Best of all, Vergo’s planning team can provide you with preliminary plans within one week.

Your Vergo experience starts now. Submit your project today!

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